“All a flower knows how to do is to bloom.” ~Unknown
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All a Flower knows how to do is bloom.


00220019“A seed represents the possibility of growth. It contains within it a miraculous blueprint of an astonishing life that has yet to emerge and the mystery of its particular way of becoming and being. When nourished and nurtured through its innate relationship to the cycles of the earth, the seed will root itself and unfold. Its shoot will find a particular pathway that will lead it to the warmth and brightness of the sun’s light. What it becomes will reveal itself over time. As it blossoms, into its fullest potential, its radiance will capture an awe of wonder and inspire creativity.

As we root the seeds of awareness into our being and grow the shoot through our mindful life practices, we allow our inner light to illuminate. This illumination buds our intuitive sense and the petals of our deepest consciousness have room to blossom with the infinite beauty of our true nature.”

~Tara Rachel Jones (Flower Yoga Founder)

During my first teacher training, in Val Morin, Canada, we went on an early morning silent walk and there I saw hundreds of daisies, which matched the color of our class uniform; Yellow symbolic of knowledge and inner wisdom and White; symbolic of purity and awakening. The symbolic flower of yoga, the lotus has a similar metaphor; a flower that grows out of dark mucky waters and emerges to the surface of the water to bloom towards the light.

Every flower is a soul blossoming in nature.

IMG_1355~Gerard de Nerval

When the flowers are seen,
Thank the roots and the green,
That struggle hard in sunshine,
To water and feed the stems,
Expect nothing in returns,
But for the sharing of energy,
When the flowers are seen,
In the trees of the nations,
When the developing flowers bloom,
From the hard working roots of human,
Appreciate them for their concern,
Let the flowers bloom,
Let the flowers spread the fragrance,
Let the hearts be happy,
Let the people be healthy,
Let us all be worthy.
Let the flowers bloom..

veeraiyah subbulakshmi


Flower Yoga: Founded in 1997